Scam Alert from state Attorney General – heads up for small businesses

February 7, 2024. Washington State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, is alerting organizations statewide to a recent Consumer Protection Act enforcement action his office filed against a scammer targeting Washington small business owners.

Washington Labor Law Poster Service is deceptively posing as a governmental agency and sending hundreds of thousands of solicitations to Washington businesses. They advertise an Olympia address but are based out of Michigan. They mail the letters in envelopes with threatening language about legal consequences for not immediately purchasing the advertised poster products for $79.50 or more. These posters are available from government agencies free of charge.

This scam is likely targeted at some of our members. The Attorney General reports that more than 1,500 Washington businesses have fallen for this scam, which might be much higher.

We are linking the information provided by Attorney General Ferguson so you can learn more and protect yourself and your business from fraudulent and illegal scamming activities.

Information on Ballard Bridge & 15th Ave NW & W Safety and Paving Project

January 22, 2024. On Wednesday, January 17th, Seattle Department of Transportation representatives joined Magnolia Chamber members and guests to learn more about the Ballard Bridge & 15th Ave. NW & W Safety and Paving Project (the project). The project is slated to begin once final contractors are selected.

We thank SDOT’s Jules Posadas for his responsiveness and organizing the meeting held at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, who graciously opened their meeting hall for the information-sharing session. We also thank SDOT’s Marilyn Yim, Nyles Green, and Neftalie Gonzales for attending the meeting and providing information and support.

For those seeking detailed minutes from the meeting, please click here. Many thanks to Chamber board member Melanie Audette for taking thorough and informative meeting notes.

Other key documents and tips for staying informed and engaged:

Magnolia ranked the friendliest neighborhood in the U.S., finds new report

January 19, 2024. A just-released report from the home improvement services website All-Star Home named Magnolia the #1 most friendly American neighborhood. The report notes that a friendly location like Magnolia, which tops the list above 19 other high ranking neighborhoods in cities across the country, has qualities like easy access to a local shops, businesses, and services. Indeed, the report’s data shows that nearly 20 percent of reviews for businesses in Magnolia were described as “friendly.”

The All-Star Home list of the most friendly neighborhoods across the nation was developed by looking at the 200 most viewed city neighborhoods on Zillow in 2022. The report then analyzed nearly 150k Google reviews for businesses in those neighborhoods. They analyzed businesses in ten categories: banks, bars & pubs, beauty salons, car-repair shops, convenience stores, dry cleaners, grocery stores, pharmacies, and post offices. They then looked at the average number of reviews with the word “friendly” in them and Magnolia led the way! The report has been picked up by several news outlets across the country, including broadcast, cable, and print media.

We are delighted that the report found what we already know. Magnolia has the most friendly, accessible, and available shops, stores, businesses, and services not only in the city, but the state and now, the entire U.S. Pat yourself on the back Magnolia, and smile – let’s earn the #1 friendliest neighborhood in the U.S. moniker every year!

SDOT Meeting on Jan. 17th – Ballard Bridge, 15th Ave W. & NW Safety & Paving Project

The Magnolia Chamber of Commerce is holding an information meeting on the 15th Ave NW & W and Ballard Bridge Safety and Paving project (the project) with the Seattle Department of Transportation on Wednesday, January 17, from 6 to 7 pm at the Episcopal Church of Ascension, located at 2230 Viewmont Way W.

The event is in response to several Chamber members wanting to know more about the project, which is slated to begin in early 2024. The meeting will provide an opportunity for SDOT to explain the project that will create traffic challenges at different times for those entering 15th Ave W., primarily from the Emerson Street and Dravus Street bridges. Attendees will be able to ask questions from SDOT officials and seek a better understanding of traffic management in anticipation of lane closures, varying construction hours, and how SDOT plans to manage traffic in and out of Magnolia, primarily for those traveling on 15th Ave W & NW in and out of Magnolia.

The project is part of the Levy to Move Seattle, passed by voters in 2015. The project will be one of the last projects funded by the nine-year levy, which is set to expire this year. The project aims to restore the road condition of a critical piece of Seattle’s transportation network, extend the useful life of one of Seattle’s busiest streets and bridges, and contribute to a safer and more comfortable travel experience for all road users.

Please RSVP to Jason Thibeaux, Executive Director, at if you will attend the January 17th information meeting. For more information, contact Jason at 206.618.1589.

Magnolia Bridge eastbound lanes to be closed for 2 to 3 days starting Dec. 23rd

Dec. 22, 2023. Starting on Saturday, Dec. 23 at 7 am, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDoT) will close the eastbound Magnolia Bridge and the south sidewalk on the bridge. The closure is for essential repair work and is expected to last two to three days. More detailed information can be found on the SDoT blog

People driving eastbound from Magnolia should plan to use alternative routes, including W Dravus St., during the 2 to 3-day closure. Additionally, SDoT is working closely with King County Metro to implement any necessary detours for bus routes 24 and 33, which use the Magnolia Bridge.

You can find more information about changes affecting transit routes on Metro’s Service Advisories webpage

SDOT owns 125 bridges and nearly 1,500 roadway structures like retaining walls, stairways, and underground support walls. Ongoing maintenance and inspections of the Magnolia Bridge continue in coordination with the Port of Seattle. SDoT performs regular maintenance, frequent inspections, and 24-hour monitoring to ensure the Magnolia Bridge remains operational.

For the latest information about this work, you can follow SDoT on X (formerly Twitter) at @seattledot

Washington’s Maritime Industry sails in importance, impact

November 27, 2023. The Washington Maritime Federation (WMF) released a study documenting the tremendous impact of maritime businesses and activities on Washington State’s economy. The average annual compensation in maritime-related jobs is $112,000 including benefits. The study details an industry – a culture of commerce and trade that was built and continues on the ports of Puget Sound – that is a foundation of our state’s economy and a leader in innovation and sustainability. 

“The Economic Impacts of Washington’s Maritime Industry” was conducted for the WMF by McKinley Research Group in association with High Peak Strategy. 

Overall, Washington’s maritime sector contributes more than $382 million including direct and indirect/induced impacts to Washington State revenues. Maritime Logistics and Shipping have the largest impact, with Shipbuilding Repair and Maintenance second, and Commercial Fishing and Seafood Processing third.

The Magnolia Chamber of Commerce is proud of all our maritime companies and the sector. We have many maritime related members and proudly count Fishermen’s Terminal as an integral business district in Magnolia. The report helps solidify that the maritime industry is not only a key economic engine to Seattle, but essential to the state of Washington. To learn more about the maritime sector’s commitment to innovation & sustainability, visit Maritime Blue, located in NE Magnolia.

Phases IV & V of the Reimagine Magnolia Village Launches

The final phases of the Reimagine Magnolia Village project will break ground starting the first week of November. Contractor delays have been challenging over the last four months, but streetscape improvements are ready to begin. If you would like to learn more, please click here.

Streetscape improvement activities will occur for the next two weeks on 33rd Ave. W, between McGraw St and Lynn Street. The back-in-only parking on the west side of Uptown Espresso’s building is anticipated to be temporarily disrupted from Nov. 6th through Nov. 17th, depending on the weather.  Parallel parking will be available following streetscape improvement construction.

The following two weeks, Nov. 20th to Dec. 1st, will focus on the streetscape and sidewalk safety improvements on 32nd Ave. W and McGraw St. W in front of and along the U.S. Bank building. Again, schedules may be delayed due to weather. Any temporary parking disruptions will be limited to the daytime hours.

The project will be finalized in January 2024 by completing streetscape safety and beautification activities on 32nd Ave. W, north to Smith St. and immediately south of McGraw St. W. adjacent to Mainspring Wealth Advisors. Business access will be open during Phase V construction and installation activities. However, parking may be disrupted in different areas along the east side of 32nd Ave. W, but limited to the daylight hours and dependent partly on weather.

Pet Costume Contest Winners

November 3, 2023. Thank you to everyone who participated in and voted for the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce’s first-ever Halloween Pet Costume Contest held during Halloween in the Village on October 31st. We welcomed over 40 candidates representing dogs, cats, hamsters, and even a Gekko. We named five finalists, and 546 Halloween in the Village attendees voted. Voters represented all age groups, and many, if not most, sported an impressive array of Halloween costumes. Pet lover madness is alive and well in Magnolia.

Thanks also to our partners, Pet Pros Magnolia and Magnolia VCA Animal Hospital, for their generosity in offering prizes to all of our finalists and winners,

Based on the votes, the first-place prize goes to Poodle Noodles! Poodles Noodles received overwhelming voter support and lots of ooohs, ahhhs, and giggles during the judging process. Noodle was a hit – the pot, the meatballs/noodle costume, and the face – what more can we say … creativity, a sense of unbelievable fun, & whimsy won the day.

Second place went to Elton, who brightened up voters’ faces with a colorful display of Elton-ness! Several voters mentioned the jaunty sunglasses… Elton looks ready for the yellow brick road and can rock with the best of them.

Third place went to Harry & Penny. We saw many voters wearing Harry Potter-inspired costumes, and these two candidates fit in with a trendy theme. Several cat lovers also loved Penny and her feline cuteness.

Fourth place went to Brenda B. Her leadership qualities were evident as she welcomed the waves in her admiral’s hat. Many voters mentioned the proud look on her face as the reason she received their votes.

Fifth place went to Doggy Pardon. What a face! Doggy Pardon got a lot of shared giggles at her expressive eyes and fabulous wig. Could she be on her way to Nashville?

Thank you again to all of our contestants and the overwhelming amount of voter interest. The Magnolia Chamber of Commerce looks forward to offering more pet-inspired events in the coming months. In the meantime, love your favorite pet, and we welcome your ideas on further involving our furry friends in Chamber activities that help build community engagement.

Pet Costume Contest Finalists – Halloween in the Village

October 30, 2023. Hey, trick-or-treaters! As you enjoy Halloween in the Village on October 31st, 4 to 6 pm in Magnolia Village, please stop by and vote in our first-ever Magnolia Chamber Pet Costume Contest. We have five furry candidates to choose from. Many thanks to our sponsor, Queen Anne Paint, and Pet Pros, and Magnolia VCA, for offering support and prizes for our five finalists. And, nothing but awe and appreciation to our over 40 entrants. Amazing creativity was expressed by all and we are purring and barking in joy at the enthusiasm and talent demonstrated by the variety of pets entered into our inaugural costume event.

The best pet costume voting is open to all and please stop by our table, located in front of Windermere on W. McGraw Street to cast your vote for your favorite. Pick up some candy as well!

Below are the five finalists, listed alphabetically. Drum roll, please …

Brenda B.
Doggy Pardon
Harry & Penny
Poodles & Noodles

Looking forward to all Magnolia neighbors and friends voting for your favorite pet costume. See you in the heart of Magnolia Village on Halloween!

Walkabout Seattle – Voting is your Superpower. October 21, 2023 – 9:45 a.m., Hing Hay Park to the Ballard Bridge

OCTOBER 16. The majority of Seattle residents are not voting. Only 30-40% of Seattle residents vote!

We Heart Seattle is dedicated to getting more of Seattle engaged, informed, and voting through a community walk through Seattle on October 21, 2023, from 9:45 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We Heart Seattle is an action-based, boots-on-the-ground movement that organizes trash cleanups in our public spaces and offers resources to those in need. The non-profit organization leads to a more compassionate and healthy community through direct civic engagement.

As part of its action-based movement for a more beautiful and safer Seattle, We Heart Seattle invites Seattleites to join the organization on October 21st from 9:45 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a day of voter activation in anticipation of the Nov. 7th general election.

Route and meet-up Locations

Walk participants will start at Hing Hay Park by 9:45 a.m. in the China-International District (CID). Participants can choose to walk the entire 5.7 miles through downtown Seattle to Ballard. This will be a fun yet challenging urban hike – and organizers welcome scooters, bikers, or runners to join in on the walk.

Others may want to join the walk at Bell Street Park and gather at the voter registration booth at 10:45 a.m. or the Counterbalance Park in lower Queen Anne at 11:15 a.m.

From there, walkers will continue to upper Queen Anne, stopping at Dick’s Burgers. The final few miles will cut through the Queen Anne neighborhood, then to the Ballard Bridge, where walkers will cross and end at Bickersons Brewhouse at 12:15 p.m. or after 1514 NW Leary Way in Ballard. The event will end at 2:00 p.m.

Commemorative shirts will be handed out at the walk’s beginning, middle, and end.

Voting is fun and your superpower. Please bring a friend or family member, and let’s walk on October 21, 2023 and remember to vote!