Magnolia Murals! New mural at Pier 91, Glacier Fish Company

NOVEMBER 3, 2022

Hopefully, you’ve seen the murals popping up around the neighborhood of Magnolia. One such mural is about a fish with close ties to the community. A colorful new mural now lives on your daily commute if you look over the Magnolia Bridge down at Pier 91! The Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP), a trade association for the Wild Alaska Pollock industry, commissioned an eye-catching mural on the north face of the Glacier Fish Company building at Pier 91 in the heart of the Magnolia neighborhood by local artist Kyler Martz.

Kyler Martz is a local artist known for his distinctly recognizable work. Martz started as a tattoo artist and still inks body art, but he also created murals for the Whale Wins restaurant in Ballard and Ballard PCC Community Markets, illustrations for the Fremont Solstice Festival, and the Amazon Treasure Truck program, Filson clothing, and more.

Glacier Fish Company, the company that hosts the extravagant mural on the side of its building, is a member of GAPP and produces frozen-at-sea groundfish products like Wild Alaska Pollock.
This mural represents the fish and its attributes, plus the hardworking people that may even live in your neighborhood that go into bringing Wild Alaska Pollock to millions of American plates. The mural faces where thousands of cruise passengers arrive each year and “beautifies” the drive for many Magnolia natives. Many probably don’t know that Wild Alaska Pollock is the most consumed wild-caught fish in the world, and now it lives in your backyard.

The mural, made with adhesive and polyester mesh, utilizes the rich colors seen on cans of seafood from the Pacific Northwest’s rich seafood industry past. That is the lineage that supports the strong Wild Alaska Pollock industry we have today,” Morris said. Whether it’s snapping a picture of the mural with the city skyline or Puget Sound in the background as you’re on your daily run, or if you’d like to head to visit the public port in your own backyard yourself, you’re sure to see a detailed masterpiece.

Many Seattleites and visitors probably didn’t know that Wild Alaska Pollock has such strong ties to Seattle. But now everyone can join us in celebrating the name and what our fish both brings to the tables of consumers worldwide and means to the local economy.

Find the short videos that describe how Martz made the art for the building and the fence. GAPP appreciates the work that went into conceptualizing this project with Martz, the local agency Garrigan-Lyman Group, and Glacier Fish Company. We are excited to see this mural in our daily commute and local Seattle news outlets. We hope that it, like the Wild Alaska Pollock industry itself, becomes an iconic part of the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle.