Magnolia ranked the friendliest neighborhood in the U.S., finds new report

January 19, 2024. A just-released¬†report¬†from the home improvement services website All-Star Home named Magnolia the #1 most friendly American neighborhood. The report notes that a friendly location like Magnolia, which tops the list above 19 other high ranking neighborhoods in cities across the country, has qualities like easy access to a local shops, businesses, and services. Indeed, the report’s data shows that nearly 20 percent of reviews for businesses in Magnolia were described as “friendly.”

The All-Star Home list of the most friendly neighborhoods across the nation was developed by looking at the 200 most viewed city neighborhoods on Zillow in 2022. The report then analyzed nearly 150k Google reviews for businesses in those neighborhoods. They analyzed businesses in ten categories: banks, bars & pubs, beauty salons, car-repair shops, convenience stores, dry cleaners, grocery stores, pharmacies, and post offices. They then looked at the average number of reviews with the word “friendly” in them and Magnolia led the way! The report has been picked up by several news outlets across the country, including broadcast, cable, and print media.

We are delighted that the report found what we already know. Magnolia has the most friendly, accessible, and available shops, stores, businesses, and services not only in the city, but the state and now, the entire U.S. Pat yourself on the back Magnolia, and smile – let’s earn the #1 friendliest neighborhood in the U.S. moniker every year!