Magnolia split – again. Sign petition to keep Magnolia whole


The Seattle Redistricting Commission meets for its final vote to create new city council districts on Tuesday, October 25th, at noon: see agenda, here (Zoom link provided to participate in the meeting).

As reported, the Commission shocked Magnolia and other residents of the city on October 18th by voting to fracture Magnolia with the removal of the O’Sullivan-Shah map proposal and the passing of the Malaba map proposal. It was a surprise move, and unclear exactly why it was done, but the results are less than desirable for Magnolia.

We strongly urge all Magnolia residents to log on to Keep Magnolia Whole and sign thee petition in support of keeping Magnolia in one council district. As of 9:00 am on Monday, October 24th, Magnolia has just over 600 signatories to the petition. It is vital that the Commission hear from Magnolia residents, both in written testimony and by signing the petition.