Seattle Redistricting Commission advances Magnolia split

NOVEMBER 3, 2022

On Monday, October 31st, the Seattle Redistricting Commission voted 4-1 to advance a new council district map that splits Magnolia into two council districts. The final vote is November 8th, and the new council district map will then be filed with King County auditors. The primary boundary will be 28th Ave W. Magnolia residents living west of 28th Ave W. will be in District 6, and those living east will be in District 7. See the proposed map for the northern and southern boundaries, and the Commission continues to take public comment on the draft map.

The line at 28th Ave. W. ensures that Magnolia Village is entirely in the 6th District. However, the Magnolia and Dravus bridges are in the 7th District. The Emerson Street Bridge is straddled between the 6th and 7th Districts. Interbay along 15th Ave W., from Smith Cove to the Ballard Bridge, will be in the 7th District.

Recap of Commission Deliberations. The Commission heard from Magnolia residents challenging the proposed fracturing of the neighborhood. However, the Commission was not swayed. This is partly due to perceived differences of opinion on the rules for redistricting and the city charter guiding the redistricting process. An array of other issues apparently also informed decision-making by the Commission. This includes the role of redistricting in addressing generational racial and housing equity and diversity in Seattle, the support for the Redistricting Justice Coalition and its proposed redistricting map, and concerns over resident-driven recommendations for splitting other neighborhoods to keep Magnolia whole.

Next Steps. Magnolia-based discussions have focused on how and if to address the final proposed map that will fracture Magnolia. The Magnolia Community Council is seeking community feedback on the next steps. You can share your opinion, advice, and counsel by emailing In the meantime, residents can continue to engage with the Commission and offer public comment through November 15th.

The Magnolia Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee met on November 2nd and reaffirmed that the Chamber would continue collaborating with the Magnolia Community Council in the weeks ahead.

The Chamber also looks forward to developing strategies and scheduling meetings with District 6 Councilman Dan Strauss and District 7 Councilman Andrew Lewis. Both council seats are up in 2023, and unclear at this juncture if one or both are running for re-election. Bottomline, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and collaborate with our members to promote and protect the interests of our Magnolia business and family members with Council members Strauss and Lewis. And, we will support our members living in both the 6th and 7th districts. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with Jason at or 206-618-1589.