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Renee Redeker-Tackett – 3/18/20

Daily: MON-SUN 8am – 6pm

COVID-19 safety:
Social distance and continued service 
Gloves, mask, 6 foot compliance for customer interaction

About the business

Sole proprietorship,  female owned, operated 30 years


Specializing in sedans and smaller cars…big SUV, depends on condition, also kids and dogs, not so much, depends on condition. By appointment only, polishing exterior and waxing…minimal interior work, can do fantastic interior work, but no longer can do intensive cleaning of thrashed cars. If you care about your car, and have not abused it through neglect, I will detail it professionally and with great care. 3-M, Meguiar’s, PPG. Local, small, sole proprietor detailing, in the convenience of being local-industry standard, high quality service for your car. I care about doing great work!


Established in 1993.

Sole Proprietor, work alone…the buck stops here. Apprenticed with Master Craftsman before opening my shop in 1993, attended Meguiar’s work shops, worked on many hand built cars and vintage vehicles.