McKenzie Chase Management – MC Tax Relief

McKenzie Chase Management offers a suite of tax credit and employer incentive services designed to save your company money with little effort on your part. In many cases, you can enjoy savings without changing company business practices.

MCM tax credit and employer incentive services are provided at no financial risk to clients, since fees are contingency-based.

2303 W. Commodore Way
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CWD Group, Incorporated

Founded in Seattle, built in Puget Sound, and focused on the Northwest, we are a stable, locally owned, operated, and controlled management firm with no “centralized’ processes mandated by out-of-state management, no shareholders to whom we are accountable, and with no intention of ever transitioning to a larger, out-of-state parent organization. Our ‘feet-on-the-ground’ management allows us unequaled ability to continually adjust our services, work product, and business focus to suit the needs of our clients, a business climate unmatched by our competitors.

2800 Thorndyke Ave W