Don’s Daughter Donna’s Barber Shop

2634 Thorndyke Ave W
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Brow Esthetics

Wiley is a certified Microblading artist.  Microblading is a technique where hairlike strokes are created to give the appearance of fuller and more symmetrical brows. She specializes in natural brows that are custom shaped to the golden ratio of your face and bone structure.
3209 W McGraw St
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Laurie’s Village Salon

3214 W McGraw St.
Suite 104
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Fig. a salon

When heather had the opportunity to open Fig, she wanted to create a space that was calm and welcoming.
When you walk into Fig, you will be comforted by the smell of the carefully curated, low-toxic hair products. Feel free to sit on the cozy covered outside patio while your hair processes. It even makes the wait enjoyable.

Heather believes in quality over quantity. Not just in hair products, but also in hair services. She believes in being truly intentional with each client in her chair. Every individual and every head of hair is different and there’s no “one-size-fits-all” way of doing hair.
Along with a great space, comes a great team. Brittainy and Casey have the same eye, attention to detail, and values as Heather, which makes it all the more fun to be at Fig.
Come check them out in the peaceful Magnolia neighborhood!

4264 33rd Ave W.
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