Scam Alert from state Attorney General – heads up for small businesses

February 7, 2024. Washington State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, is alerting organizations statewide to a recent Consumer Protection Act enforcement action his office filed against a scammer targeting Washington small business owners.

Washington Labor Law Poster Service is deceptively posing as a governmental agency and sending hundreds of thousands of solicitations to Washington businesses. They advertise an Olympia address but are based out of Michigan. They mail the letters in envelopes with threatening language about legal consequences for not immediately purchasing the advertised poster products for $79.50 or more. These posters are available from government agencies free of charge.

This scam is likely targeted at some of our members. The Attorney General reports that more than 1,500 Washington businesses have fallen for this scam, which might be much higher.

We are linking the information provided by Attorney General Ferguson so you can learn more and protect yourself and your business from fraudulent and illegal scamming activities.