New kind of treats for Halloween 2021

Halloween-in-the-Village will have a different look and purpose in Magnolia this year. Though the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce made the hard choice to cancel Halloween-in-the-Village 2021, it is working alongside merchants and Chamber members to collect the dollars usually used for purchasing candy and pooling these funds to donate to local schools and assisting students.

Magnolia Village businesses and members of the Chamber are excited to celebrate Halloween in this new way while we work to keep kids safe, healthy, and merchants comfortable and giving back to the community we all love. Spurred by an idea first floated by Deb Bluestein, owner of Modele’s and a Chamber ambassador, Magnolia Village businesses and the Chamber are re-allocating Halloween candy dollars and partnering with local PTAs to support our neighborhood’s children. “We are delighted to celebrate Halloween in a new way,” said Jason Thibeaux, executive director of the Magnolia Chamber. “Halloween-in-the- Village 2021 is all about giving back, paying it forward, and staying child focused.”

The Magnolia Chamber looks forward to Halloween 2022 and crossing fingers that the pandemic will be more manageable and allow the neighborhood to go back to traditional trick and treating. “We know that Halloween-in-the-Village is a cherished event for many Magnolians,” said Thibeaux. “Yet it is truly a treat to help address student needs and build partnerships with our local PTAs.”