Puget Sound Hydraulics

Since our inception, our onsite service and installation work along with our in house repair facility, has always set us apart from other hydraulic service companies. Our fabrication department produces a wide variety of custom power units built to your needs as well as standard JIC reservoirs.

4400 23rd Ave W
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Freedom Boat Club

Freedom Boat Club believes in the power of more, so members enjoy all the benefits with none of the bothers. MORE convenience. MORE training. MORE support. MORE locations. MORE boats. MORE adventure. MORE fun. MORE freedom.

Join Freedom Boat Club today and discover the joy of boating without the hassle. MORE AWAITS!

Yardarm Knot, Inc.

2440 W Commodore Way
Suite 200
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George Broom’s Sons

George Broom’s Sons is the oldest and finest source of Industrial Tarps, Slings, Wire Rope, and Shipping Supplies in the Greater Seattle Area. Our company was founded right here in Seattle. Tarp, ropes, & slings are only a few of the fine items we custom manufacture for your business.

2440 W Commodore Way
Suite 100
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O’Hara Corporation

For over 115 years O’Hara Corporation has withstood the test of time operating fishing vessels across both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. With a home port at Fisherman’s Terminal in Magnolia, the heart of O’Hara Corporation surrounds our catcher processor vessels fishing in the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands, and Gulf of Alaska. Our vessels catch flounders, Atka mackerel, Pacific Ocean perch, cod, pollock, among others.

2292 W. Commodore Way
Suite 210
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