Floof Pet Grooming

This is a boutique service experience, which means, we do not rush the work. We use sharp scissors and blades on an animal that may be dancing, singing, jumping, licking our face, or barking and trying to bite. Some of those behaviors are the reason we love dogs (especially dogs that hug!). And some of the behavior causes the service to take extra time for safety. We appreciate your understanding and will do our best to communicate in real time when this happens.

3308 W McGraw St.
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Lulu in Magnolia – Freelance Assistant

I have many skills from decades of experience assisting attorneys, accountants, agents, and running my own businesses. I enjoy variety and learning new things, and I enjoy helping people!

I also love cats, and do a bit of cat-sitting for my “feline fix” : )

If you need help with something, for just one day, once in a while, or on a regular basis, feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

Metro Dog

We are a family owned business who has been caring for pets professionally since the mid-1990s. We follow Low-Stress Handling Methods to make for a fun environment for our dogs, and to make home visits an exciting and happy time for clients’ furry family members. We are licensed, bonded, insured and trained in pet first aid. We offer dog daycare, overnight boarding, pet sitting and dog walking, and we teach pet first aid classes.

4020 23rd Ave W
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Veterinary Emergency Group

At Veterinary Emergency Group Emergency is our middle name, it’s all we do so we do it best! We handle challenging cases day and night, and seamlessly give pet parents the peace of mind they deserve.
At VEG, we keep things completely transparent, from our fully open and immersive hospital environment to our focus on the customer. You see life-saving heroics as they happen, and can participate in your pet’s care as much as you want.
It’s an elevated ER experience that works for people and their pets.

  • Call and speak to a doctor, 24/7
  • Stay with your pet day and night, you can spend the night!
  • We can perform emergency surgery, endoscopy, x-rays, and ultrasounds.
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Elliott Bay Animal Hospital

From wellness exams and vaccinations to laser therapy and surgery, the Elliott Bay Animal Hospital team will be here when you need us most. Throughout every stage of your pet’s life, we’ll provide a treatment plan tailored specifically for your pet to keep them feeling their best.

2042 15th Ave W
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