Unravel Therapeutics

Since 2001, we have brought complementary medicine, aesthetic and wellness treatments to Seattle in a relaxing spa experience.

We have helped thousands relieve and rejuvenate from the daily stresses of life, return to a natural sense of balance, enhance their healing process, and maintain their productivity in daily life.

3320 W. McGraw St.
Suite 4

Lindsay Butler, LMT and Certified Reflexologist

Lindsay Butler provides high-quality bodywork in her convenient and comfortable Magnolia Village studio in Seattle. Trained locally, she is a licensed massage therapist, a Washington State Certified Reflexologist and Reiki II practitioner.

Lindsay works with her clients to keep them relaxed, productive and vital, expertly using a variety of skills and modalities she’s learned during the past 20 years. Teens to ninety-year-olds trust her to help them safely and effectively. She helps men and women stay “on top of their game,” supporting them to achieve comfortable activity and productivity at work, in sports or simply during their regular, beloved day-to-day activities.

3214 W McGraw St.
Suite 208

Puffin Pediatrics, PLLC

With the Puffin Pediatrics care model Dr. Fradkin is able to offer a concierge style pediatric clinic experience at a fraction of the cost by utilizing a practice model based on a hybrid insurance and membership model.

In addition to a family’s usual insurance coverage, to join the practice, families pay a monthly/annual administration and membership fee. This allows us to not only provide added services beneficial to families but also limit the number of families in the practice to ensure that we can provide each family with worry free access to the clinic, exceptional medical care, and a superior level of service.

1651 15th Ave W
Suite 103
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Veterinary Emergency Group

At Veterinary Emergency Group Emergency is our middle name, it’s all we do so we do it best! We handle challenging cases day and night, and seamlessly give pet parents the peace of mind they deserve.
At VEG, we keep things completely transparent, from our fully open and immersive hospital environment to our focus on the customer. You see life-saving heroics as they happen, and can participate in your pet’s care as much as you want.
It’s an elevated ER experience that works for people and their pets.

  • Call and speak to a doctor, 24/7
  • Stay with your pet day and night, you can spend the night!
  • We can perform emergency surgery, endoscopy, x-rays, and ultrasounds.
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Stability Health Center

Our Mission is to be the community resource center for integrative health and wellness in Seattle. By offering safe and effective, evidence-based services and products we’re helping the residents of Seattle and surrounding communities achieve optimal health and longevity naturally.

1225 Dexter Ave N

The Path Chiropractic

We specialize in upper cervical chiropractic, focusing on upper neck alignment to improve overall body function. In this approach, adjustments are exclusive to the upper neck, even when treating symptoms in other areas of the body. If you have recently experienced a head or neck trauma, go to the emergency room first, then follow up with us.

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Somersault Wellness

Empathy, collaboration, dedication. My professional and personal experience with illness, pain and loss allows me to foster deep connections and empower clients to thrive from within. Whether it’s interacting with your workstation, walking your dog, hitting a golf ball or simply doing basic daily tasks with more ease, I specialize in optimizing function in all aspects of life—for all ages. I begin with a discussion of your current status, then we set goals and develop a realistic path forward together. I treat my clients with encouragement, sincerity, integrity and respect.