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From your Unravel family – 3/26

Covid-19 update and a thank you gift!


I hope you all are staying healthy. Given the current Covid-19 situation and the guidance from Washington State we have temporarily closed Unravel. We are hoping to re-open again on April 9. I understand that this is not ideal for many of us, who depend on massage or acupuncture for chronic pain and to relief stress and anxiety

As a thank you for supporting us during this hard time, we would like to give you a 20% discount for Unravel Gift cards. Just go to this link and use the code UNRAVEL. After we reopen you will be able to use the gift card for any type of service or store purchase. But hurry, this discount expires April 9!

We are still taking calls for reservations and billing questions. You can call us at (206) 283 9910.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again. Stay healthy!

From your Unravel family

Unravel Therapeutics

Closed; opens April 9
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Discovery Wellness – 3/18/20

Hello, here is our post and plans for now, considering how quickly things are changing. Thanks for listing this.  

We OPEN! and as part of Gov. Inslee’s plan and via our State Association we are essential to help our community during these times.

1. Our communities and health care system need chiropractors to help keep people out of hospitals.
2. Chiropractic promotes wellness. And the world needs a lot of it right now. ⁣

Chiropractors are an essential and necessary part of the health care team for millions of patients of all ages around the world. As primary, portal of entry doctors, chiropractors are licensed and trained to provide all three levels of health promotion and health care prevention interventions including:

⭐️ Primary prevention health care that prevents the onset of illness or injury before problems begin.

⭐️ Secondary prevention health care that leads to early evaluation and prompt management of disease, illness or injury to prevent more severe problems developing.

⭐️ Tertiary prevention health care aimed at recovery following illness.

Chiropractors are trained and licensed in all 50 states to enforce and follow all public health regulations while acting in the best interests of the public and patients they serve.

In addition to these essential aspects of health care, chiropractors are the only health care providers trained and licensed to provide care for the neuromusculoskeletal ramifications from structural spinal shifts that cause obstruction of the nervous system which impact the whole health and vitality of the individual. Chiropractors refer to these structural spinal shifts as vertebral subluxations.

Chiropractors have provided these essential health services for over 100 years and have done so during pandemics, natural disasters and following terrorist attacks such as 911 at Ground Zero.

Dr. Clem is busy, and ready to serve our community during this #pandemic. Our team is rising to the daily challenges and new policies being implemented!

We are #smallbusinessstrong