Magnolia Crossfit

Our programming follows basic exercise science principles that are often ignored at other gyms. Through the utilization of progressive overload prescribed in a periodized manner and personalized to your specific fitness level, we will get you fitter and stronger.

The workouts are tough. If you want to be challenged, if you don’t believe in the easy way out, if you want to do bad-ass things with other like-minded individuals, then you’ve come to the right place.

Vice Athletics LLC

We are a 4,000 square foot functional training facility located in the Magnolia Neighborhood of Seattle, WA. From Sports Prep to Return to Sport/Life, we service a variety of clients through a deliberate approach to performance and injury prevention.

3243 20th Ave W

Lindsay Butler, LMT and Certified Reflexologist

Lindsay Butler provides high-quality bodywork in her convenient and comfortable Magnolia Village studio in Seattle. Trained locally, she is a licensed massage therapist, a Washington State Certified Reflexologist and Reiki II practitioner.

Lindsay works with her clients to keep them relaxed, productive and vital, expertly using a variety of skills and modalities she’s learned during the past 20 years. Teens to ninety-year-olds trust her to help them safely and effectively. She helps men and women stay “on top of their game,” supporting them to achieve comfortable activity and productivity at work, in sports or simply during their regular, beloved day-to-day activities.

3214 W McGraw St.
Suite 208

Cannabis Basics

We strive to enhance personal health and wellness by providing the highest quality cannabis topical applications available. Paramount to this mission is leading by example, setting standards, educating the public, removing the stigma of prohibition, and especially celebrating this most sacred, most useful plant.

We promise to use the freshest, most natural, botanical ingredients. We buy locally and organically whenever possible. We use only essentials oils, natural preservatives and never test on animals.

Vitality Weight Management

I believe that weight loss is more than a number on a scale.

Medical research shows that thinness does not equate to health. My approach is to evaluate you as a whole, assessing all aspects of your life: nutrition, physical activity, sleep, mood, metabolic health and overall lifestyle. Taking this time to slow down, listen, and discuss your current life state, will allow us to effectively develop a weight loss plan. This will not only help you lose weight in the short term, but we’ll aim to create complete metabolic health, better sleep, more energy, and nutritional habits that will last a lifetime.

1455 Leary Way NW
Suite 400
206.274.6656 ext 101

Thompson Massage and Reflexology

Therapeutic massage is focused on promoting overall wellness and improving physical and mental health. This type of massage uses a variety of techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, and myofascial release to help reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, relieve pain and stress, and promote relaxation. It is a safe and effective way to promote overall health and well-being and can be a great addition to your wellness routine.

5306 Ballard Ave NW
Suite 316

American Dance Institute

American Dance Institute offers classes for Toddlers through Adults in their beautiful, spacious, newly remodeled studio complete with a large parent viewing area. Class offerings include Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Modern, Creative Dance, Spring Break Camps, Summer Camps and Winter Break Camps. You’ll find a friendly, non-competitive environment. Everyone is welcome and no snootiness allowed.

2410 32nd Ave W

Magnolia Yoga and Healing Arts

We are a yoga studio and wellness center located in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. Our mission is to create a neighborhood sanctuary for yoga and healing by sharing the ancient practice of yoga in our often noisy and chaotic world—so that we may better access peace in our everyday life. We offer a full schedule of in person and online classes—ranging from vigorous flow classes, to slower hatha style classes, and everything in between. Augment your yoga practice with our healing arts, such as craniosacral therapy, private yoga sessions, and sound baths.

3150 West Government Way

Revive Movement Physical Therapy and Performance

At Revive Movement, we are movement experts dedicated to getting you up and running (or lifting, or doing barre, or whatever your thing is) through an individualized plan that solves the root problem head on. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how your body moves along with the tools needed to perform better and prevent future injury.

Daniela Bragato LLC

I’m a trauma-informed hypnotherapist, mindfulness teacher and writer.

I know what it feels like to battle with anxiety, low-self esteem and the story that you’re never good enough.

I am here to hold space for you and show you how you can make long-lasting positive changes to improve your life and flourish.

917 NW 51st ST
Unit B

AlignMend Physical Therapy

Through understanding neurology and the psychology of your body, I can assist you in RESTORING sense, REALIGNING your postural position, and REPATTERNING your movements through your nervous system.

2208 NW Market St.
Suite 309

Stability Health Center

Our Mission is to be the community resource center for integrative health and wellness in Seattle. By offering safe and effective, evidence-based services and products we’re helping the residents of Seattle and surrounding communities achieve optimal health and longevity naturally.

1225 Dexter Ave N

Somersault Wellness

Empathy, collaboration, dedication. My professional and personal experience with illness, pain and loss allows me to foster deep connections and empower clients to thrive from within. Whether it’s interacting with your workstation, walking your dog, hitting a golf ball or simply doing basic daily tasks with more ease, I specialize in optimizing function in all aspects of life—for all ages. I begin with a discussion of your current status, then we set goals and develop a realistic path forward together. I treat my clients with encouragement, sincerity, integrity and respect.